Meet The Team

Tammy Schwarz

Tammy Schwarz


Tammy obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. She worked at Draeger Medical, a large Medical Device Manufacturer as an IT Support specialist and network administrator. "Working at a global company with a remote sales force afforded me an excellent opportunity to see and experience how IT is leveraged at an enterprise level. Now at Bluelink I bring that knowledge and experience to the table for my customers"

Ken Schwarz


Ken has a long history in the IT industry having worked for several prominent financial institutions at all levels of corporate IT Support. He also holds an Associate's degree in foreign language with an emphasis in Arabic as well as a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Ken is a 12 year Army veteran having served in Operation Desert Storm and later as a military intelligence specialist. "I have learned throughout my long IT career that there is a powerful synergy between IT and business. Our goal is to help business owners understand that there isn't an IT strategy for business, there is only a business strategy...period!"